Registration to NetGames 2013 includes coffee breaks, lunches, the gala dinner, and electronic workshop proceedings. There are three types of registration:

Fees (all fees are in USD)

Author registration (ACM or IEEE member)$395 USDNovember 4, 2013 (firm)
Author registration (not ACM or IEEE member)$495 USDNovember 4, 2013 (firm)
Early registration (ACM or IEEE member)$395 USDNovember 11, 2013 (firm)
Early registration (not ACM or IEEE member)$495November 11, 2013 (firm)
Regular (ACM or IEEE member)$455 USDDecember 2, 2013
Regular (not ACM or IEEE member)$555 USDDecember 2, 2013
Student (not primary paper registration)$175December 2, 2013

Payment method

Registration can be accepted in a variety of methods accepted by EDAS.

Online registration

All registrations are handled online through EDAS. You will need to register with EDAS in order to register for NetGames 2013. If you wish to receive the ACM or IEEE discount, you must update your profile with your member number so that it will give you the option. Finally, if you are a student, you may register as a student only if your profile is flagged as such. Simply update your profile to indicate your status.